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The purpose of the 11-plus exam is to assess a student's academic ability and determine their suitability for different types of secondary schools. The exam usually consists of multiple-choice questions in subjects such as English, mathematics, and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. The format and content of the exam can vary depending on the region or educational authority administering it.

11-plus exam has been associated with the selective education system, where students who perform well on the exam have the opportunity to attend grammar schools, which are academically focused institutions. Students who do not score high enough may attend secondary modern schools or other types of schools that provide a broader education.

Proponents argue that the 11-plus helps identify students with high academic potential. By testing students' abilities in subjects like mathematics, English, and reasoning, the exam aims to select those who are best suited for academically focused grammar schools. Supporters believe that this helps provide a challenging educational environment for academically gifted students.


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11-plus Exam Can Be Challenging

Supporters of the 11-plus suggest that it can promote social mobility by providing opportunities for students from disadvantaged backgrounds to access a high-quality education. They argue that grammar schools, with their academic focus, can offer a pathway to higher education and better career prospects for students who may not have had such opportunities otherwise.

  • It helps students strengthen their knowledge and skills

  • Exam can be a stressful experience for students

  • Tutors who offers individual attention and support