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Terms And Conditions

  • Tuition4Exams Ltd. reserves the right to adjust the course fee(s) due if the tuition fees are amended for any reason. Any adjustments to the total course fee(s) will be included in, or deducted from, the final payment. Clients will be notified of any such adjustments as they occur.

    If any payment is not made by the due date, a charge of 5% of the outstanding instalment(s) will be levied automatically.

    Should the payment schedule not be met at any time and the child continues to attend lessons, Tuition4Exams Ltd. will be entitled to end any agreement to pay by instalments and to demand that all outstanding payments, together with the payment of the remaining balance of the total course fee(s), are paid in full immediately.

  • Commencement of Tuition

    A child may only attend classes once Tuition4Exams Ltd. has received a non-refundable/non-transferable deposit together with either completed medical and standing order forms or completed medical form and full payment.

  • Remote Learning courses

    Sessions may be recorded for training purposes. Tuition4Exams Limited accepts no liability for unforeseen circumstances such as power outages, server down time or the functionality of the website/Parent Portal. Exams: Exams should be completed by the child under standard exam conditions without assistance from the parents.

  • Pupil Safety

    The safety of our pupils is of paramount importance. Children should be brought into and collected from the tuition centre reception at the beginning and end of each class. To ensure your child’s safety, we ask that children do not leave the building unless they are accompanied by a parent/guardian. It is parents’ responsibility to emphasise this to your child. Tuition4Exams and its staff cannot be held responsible for the safety & welfare of any child outside the tuition centre.

  • If Enrolment or Tuition is Terminated

    In the event of a child withdrawing from the course before the course commences, the course fee deposit will be retained and is not transferable. In the event of a child withdrawing from the course part way through the year, the course fee deposit will be retained and is not transferable. Tuition4Exams Ltd. reserves the right to levy an administration charge of £35. The balance of fees is calculated to the end of the month of the last attendance by the pupil. If a pupil is withdrawn part way through the month, full payment for that month is charged.

  • Teaching Process

    Teaching will be provided by a qualified and experienced teacher. Each group will be assigned a number of teaching assistants and a floor supervisor, dependant on class size. The assistants will be responsible for routine administration and helping children individually whenever required. Tuition4Exams Ltd. reserves the right to change the advertised class teacher at any time.